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Didactic & Innovation Program

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The main objectives of this program are:


  • Provide pedagogic material to enhance and offer visual experiences to different courses.

  • Create a platform for exchange of ideas and experiences, and create a network of teachers from Congo4Tomorrow partners. 

  • Provide a continued formation (internally and externally) on new and up-to-date teaching techniques. 

  • Create and distribute didactic materials for students.

Youth Development Program

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The main objectives of this program are:

  • Provide students with pedagogic material to improve their learning conditions.

  • Create afterschool and extracurricular activities aiming to improve their overall wellbeing. 

Community Development Program

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The main objectives of this program are: 


  • Help restore infrastructures of schools that are part of Congo4Tomorrow network.

  • Acquire and restore school furniture such as desks.


  • Teach to school personnel and students adequate methods for maintaining their infrastructures.

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