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This campaign aimed at providing 6 books costing a total of $55 to 50 teachers in six low-income schools in underserved communities of the city of Kinshasa, DRC. Thanks to the overwhelming support from our donors and supporters during our online fundraiser in 2020, we were able to reach 81 teachers. 

In the setting of the COVID-19 pandemic, the second aspect of this campaign aimed at providing handwashing stations and soaps to all six schools.

One Class, One Desk, One Toilet

This campaign aims at providing a minimum of 100 desks and 6 renovated bathroom stalls to all of our 6 partner schools  in underserved communities of the city of Kinshasa, DRC. We will proceed one school at a time through this rehabilitation program.

The second phase of this campaign for each school will involve a monitoring and evaluation program where our volunteers will work with the teachers, the parent committee and the children to  learn how to best maintain the school environment in its new state. 

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