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Congo4Tomorrow (Congo for Tomorrow) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) created for the sole purpose of helping schools with very low resources/funding by providing more supplies and learning tools and restoring infrastructures to facilitate the learning process.

The NGO was created by a group of Congolese individuals living in the United States of America and England. We are a not for profit organization founded on the simple principle that the bright future of a nation resides in the hands of a well-educated population.


Our mission is to Improve Education One School at a Time.

D.R.C. is a country where more than 80% of the population lacks access to adequate learning equipment and environments, and where more than half of the population obtains a High School Diploma that does not equate to the standards of learning.

Congo4Tomorrow aims at helping restore the level of learning and education in schools through an updated school system that can compete with the best.


Our vision is to empower the leaders of tomorrow by providing them with innovative educational tools and improving the learning environment in order to facilitate the learning process and help them become well-rounded, creative professionals. 


Our four Core Values are Integrity, Ownership, Inspiration and Recognition

Integrity: we strive to adhere to a moral code of conduct and remain accountable for our actions while leading others by example. We believe that integrity is an important characteristic of a trustworthy leader. Our daily actions are guided by this value to help us operate on ethical principles that are commendable and that the young generation can aspire to.

Ownership: we believe that ownership is one of the first indication of an individual feeling empowered to act upon his/her ideas. Our innovative mindset encourages ownership of our actions, ideas and relationships internally among our members and externally with our communities and collaborators.

Inspiration: we believe that people become confident to be excellent leaders when they are inspired by their role models. We strive to set the example for the children we serve by giving them opportunities that will inspire them and allow them to work towards reaching their life goals despite the daily challenges they may face.

Recognition: we believe that people become the best that they can be and remain focused on their goals when they receive recognition for their work. We foster an atmosphere of recognition internally among our members and hope to teach this value to the communities we serve. 

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